Daily Prompt: Cliché

Clichés become clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for you.

I am a Knitter. Knitters come in two varieties: The Product Knitter and The Process Knitter.

The Product Knitter

Knits for the end product. They may or may not enjoy the process of knitting but the goal is the item to be knitted. They want to wear that thing.

The Process Knitter

Knits for the sake of it. They just want to be knitting. They are as likely to give away the fruits of their labour as they are to wear it. This is the type of knitter most prone to perfectionism; they will not baulk at ripping their work back and trying again. Variants of The Process Knitter knit for the challenge, they are always seeking out new patterns, new techniques, hitherto unknown stitches.


Process Knitter extraordinary.


A Knit in the Bush

I knit constantly. I enjoy my knitting most when it is challenging my skills base. I start new projects, believing that they hold a challenge but quickly tire of them when I find that I can master the new. My attention wanders, I seek out new patterns and further challenges. My Unfinished Objects Pile holds a number, in double figures (currently 23, since you are asking), of decidedly-not-challenging knitting projects, left to languish when I fell from their thrall.

To Be Completed (I'm working my way through it - this was last year, when my Unfinished Objects numbered in excess of 30)

To Be Completed (I’m working my way through it – this was last year, when my Unfinished Objects numbered in excess of 30)

To a knitter like myself, the half-knitted bird in hand can never fight off the two birds in the knitting pattern bush. Sorry.

Last September I began a Completion Strategy, aimed at reducing the Unfinished Objects Pile. It has been going well but in the last month I added three new knitting projects and managed to remove not one item by completing it.

You know what? I think I may be something of a knitting cliché…

7 thoughts on “Bird in the Hand? I could knit you one of those!

  1. I have a pile of sewing,and needlework projects but I have not **allowed** myself to take on new projects but I have messed up taking on new sewing, It is hard, very very hard.

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