So. I was looking at this

Exploring Video: Three One-Minute Videos to Shoot with Your Phone Right Now

Frankly? Stunned. Phones do video? In what kind of world does that craziness work?

I’ll be that mine doesn’t. I think it does photos, I’m not sure. I won it back in 2005 and haven’t had time to figure out how it works yet. I’m not into technology convergence. I like my camera to be a camera (with a real viewfinder and all) and I like my phone plugged into a wall and sitting on a desk, please (but only if strictly necessary – can’t we write a letter instead? Send an email?)

I am inspired by at least one of the suggestions however. Maybe it is time to have a look at that mobile.

UPDATE: I looked. Yes, it does video!  – I found the bit where you turn it on. It said “Open the Lens Cover”… but I can’t seem to do that.  Perhaps I’ll go back to pondering Dystopia.

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