Weekly Writing Challenge: Abstraction

For these week’s writing challenge, experiment with image editing on WordPress.com. Take one of your existing photos and rework it by either cropping it into an extreme close-up, flipping it around, or turning it on its side. Then, write a post about your (now) abstract photography skills. Need some ideas to get you started?

  • Crop your photo so much so the original object is unrecognizable. Then, speculate on what this new object or thing could be. For example, in the photo above, is it a picture of an amusement park ride? A close-up of a vintage trailer? A really, really dirty mirror? Let your imagination guide you.
  • Rotate one of your images like you might do when looking at an abstract painting. On which side does it look best? How does changing the rotation affect the composition?
  • Flip your photo upside down and get literal. Tell us about a time when your life was turned around and everything seemed twisted.

I failed a little on this challenge: I flipped, I rotated and I attempted to crop. No way could I make the crop stick in WP – so I edited the image in Lightroom.


Clearly, we have here a pound or three of best pork link sausages – perhaps the result of  Judy’s baby being fed through the sausage machine by Mr Punch.

Punch and Judy

Maybe Toby the Dog will have them for his supper. That’s if the Crocodile doesn’t get to them first…
So – abstraction of images – that’s the way to do it! 

Click on the abstracted sausages, to see the original context.

I don’t consider the challenge met – I think someone put my writing brain in the sausage machine too!

5 thoughts on “Links

  1. Cropping in WP in three steps:
    1. Select the area you want to retain. Click-drag. Than refine.
    2. Press the button above the image. It is the first from left.
    3. Press the button underneath the image.

      • Strange. That works for me. I always have problems with post that stick to a certain version, for some reason. I can’t delete them either. Ah well, I guess bug-free software is a contradictio in adiecto.

      • It was me, being dim. Or tired, maybe. I expected the image to update, not for a new image to be created. I simply needed to link to the edited version and not expect the image in the page to update when I made changes.

        Clunky, though

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