Trifextra: Week Sixty

This weekend, we are revisiting a prompt we’ve done before.  We are giving you three words and asking that you add another 33 to them to make a complete 36-word response.  You may use the words in any order you choose.

Our three words are:


You and me, Singin’ in the Rain

after the picture show –



Walking My Baby Back Home’

the Espresso Bar,


Johnnie, sobbing.

The gang;

all duck’s arse and flick-knife rebellion.



In Fifty-Two, we could.



Oh, and I wasn’t yet born in Fifty-Two

29 thoughts on “1952

  1. I really love that first stanza – it totally sets the tone and the background. The whole thing has some great drama to it. One small thing – I almost missed the last line, the way you have it placed between the picture and the references.

    • Thanks, Christine. I had wanted to achieve some visual separation but WP these days strips non-breaking spaces out. I have made a transparent spacer image now, and moved the coffee cup out of the way.

    • Thank you, mairzeebp (Mairzydoats and dozeydoates?) – wish my dad had a bit more of the yoof-ful rebellion in him, to be honest. He was always very… rigorous. Comes of National Service, I suppose. The Teds were freed of that responsibility and many folks thought that a good dose of square-bashing was what they needed to put them right.

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