Hi, I’m Beth. I live on one of the smaller Orkney islands in Scotland with my partner and our dogs, cats and chickens.

I enjoy variety in my life – my worst horror would be to become a stick in the mud – and so you will often find me piddling around learning something new or exploring new topics.

I dally.

I dilly.

The Daily Prompt at The Daily Post often intrigues and inspires but I find it difficult to place the posts in my other blogs. This is a space where I can address the Daily Prompt as and when it pleases me to do so. Clue: it is unlikely to be a daily activity. I doubt whether I shall take them in order either, and I will almost certainly look back to the archives.

It’s just a writing exercise – I want to polish up my writing a little.

When I am not writing you can find me baking bread or making yarn or taking photographs.

If you want to know more about me, try here

Most of the photographs appearing in this blog are mine. I am happy for you to reuse most of them, but please ask first and do give attribution.